International Human Rights Delegation Visits Luxembourg: Luxembourg's National Contact Point (LuxNCP), along with colleagues from the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, welcomed a delegation of lawyers and human rights defenders from Brazil, Mexico, and South Africa at the Ministry of the Economy on April 30, 2024. The delegation raised concerns regarding human rights and environmental impacts related to mining and industrial operations in these countries, involving subsidiaries of Luxembourgish businesses.

During the meeting, LuxNCP addressed various questions about the NCP complaints procedure, including transparency, parallel legal procedures, and protections against reprisals. The delegation expressed appreciation for the Luxembourg Government’s previous support and requested continued diplomatic engagement. Specific grievances included social and environmental impacts, violence against human rights defenders, displacement of communities, health impacts, and lack of effective response from local authorities.

LuxNCP acknowledges the importance of these discussions and reiterates its commitment to promoting responsible business conduct.


Greenpeace Luxembourg and Fonds de Compensation de la Sécurité sociale SICAV FIS : Greenpeace Luxembourg submitted a complaint to LuxNCP in March 2024. The complaint is directed at Fonds de Compensation de la Sécurité sociale (FDC) SICAV FIS. The complaint alleges that the Fund lacks a comprehensive risk-based human rights and environmental due diligence policy in line with OECD Guidelines, fails to align with the Paris Agreement, and makes misleading claims about the sustainability of its investments.

The complaint references the 2011 and 2023 OECD Guidelines, citing specific paragraphs from Chapters II, III, IV, V, and VIII.

Currently, the LuxNCP is considering whether the submission merits further assessment. The LuxNCP’s Procedure for assessing complaints can be consulted here.


LuxNCP, alongside the Peruvian NCP and OECD Secretariat representatives, actively participated in the peer review of Turkiye's NCP. A fact-finding mission took place from November 21-23, 2023, involving interviews with Turkiye's NCP, government representatives, and stakeholders. LuxNCP extends gratitude to Turkiye's NCP for their hospitality and cooperation. Our appreciation is also extended to the NCP of Peru and the OECD Secretariat for their enriching collaboration during this process.


OECD Launches Updated Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises on Responsible Business Conduct. Read our news release here.


OECD Ministerial Meeting on Responsible Business Conduct

Ministers and high-level representatives from OECD and other countries met in Paris on 14-15 February 2023 for the OECD Ministerial Meeting on "Promoting and enabling responsible business conduct in the global economy" to provide a strategic reflection on the role of RBC as a cornerstone of the international rules-based trade and investment system; across several thematic and policy areas; and as a baseline expectation for business in the global economy.

The Meeting was Co-Chaired by France and the United States, with Canada, Chile, Japan, Morocco and the United Kingdom as Vice-Chairs.

Minister Franz Fayot presided over the break-out session on Supporting Sustainable Finance representing Luxembourg.

The Ministerial concluded with the adoption of the Declaration on Promoting and Enabling Responsible Business Conduct in the Global Economy on 15 February 2023.


20/21.02. 2023

LuxNCP, along with counterparts from the Swedish and Romanian NCPs, participated in the peer review of the Czech Republic's NCP. The peer review process, supported by the OECD Secretariat, enables constructive feedback, knowledge-sharing, and continuous improvement for all NCPs involved.


Franz Fayot presented the OECD National Contact Point for Responsible Business Conduct in Luxembourg (LuxNCP) and the main recommendations of the peer review. 

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