OECD National Contact Point for Responsible Business Conduct(LuxNCP)

Who are we?

The OECD National Contact Point for Responsible Business Conduct of Luxembourg (LuxNCP) is responsible for promoting awareness and uptake of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises on Responsible Business Conduct (OECD Guidelines) and contributing to the resolution of issues that arise in the implementation of the Guidelines in complaints brought before the NCP.

Operational Framework

The LuxNCP is based, managed and coordinated within the Ministry of the Economy. It contributes to the Government's efforts to develop, implement, and foster policies that promote responsible business conduct. The LuxNCP participates actively in various inter-ministerial committees to ensure policy coherence in this area.

Guiding Principles

In fulfilling its tasks, the LuxNCP adheres to the OECD's core effectiveness criteria. These criteria include visibility, accessibility, transparency, accountability, impartiality and equitability, predictability, and compatibility with the OECD Guidelines. By upholding these criteria, the LuxNCP ensures that its activities are consistently aligned with the international best practices and standards for promoting responsible business conduct.