Complaints Procedure

The LuxNCP serves as a non-judicial grievance mechanism to help resolve conflicts arising from alleged violations of the OECD Guidelines by businesses. This mechanism provides a forum for discussion by facilitating conciliation or mediation between the complainant and the enterprise.

Any individual or organization can submit a complaint, referred to as a "specific instance," if they believe an enterprise's actions or activities are inconsistent with the Guidelines. LuxNCP handles complaints against foreign or Luxembourgish multinational enterprises, including non-profit legal entities, operating in Luxembourg. Additionally, it handles complaints against multinational enterprises headquartered in Luxembourg that operate overseas when specific instances occur, or the impact occurred, in countries that are not adherents to the Guidelines.

Concerned parties can initiate a complaint by completing an ad-hoc questionnaire and forwarding it to the NCP Luxembourg. Submission options include traditional mail to the Ministry of the Economy at L-2937 Luxembourg or electronic transmission to It is essential to provide LuxNCP with written and as precise documentation as possible to ensure a proper and timely response to the complaint.

The rules under which the Luxembourg NCP will deal with the complaint can be found under the Rules of Procedure for Handling Specific Instances

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